Eastern Connecticut from the Trails

Hi friends!

For the past two years, I’ve been working on a book about eastern Connecticut’s 130-mile trail system, and it’s finally finished. (With three jobs, raising a child, and working on a full slate of scripts/poetry and other projects, I can’t believe I actually got it done!) Eastern Connecticut from the Trails: A Hiker’s Guide to the Last Green Valley will be released on November 18, 2014. Packed with full-color original photos like the many ones you’ve seen right here on my blog, this handy little book is a perfect introduction to the unique geology and wildlife of the “quiet corner” of Connecticut.

More than just a guide to the state parks and forests, Eastern Connecticut from the Trails uses the great hiking opportunities found in the area as a doorway to exploring concepts like northeastern coastal forests, the impact of glaciers on the soil, and how to make the most of successional plant communities. This is no book for sedentary eggheads – everything comes from a hiker’s perspective, and the goal is to encourage the reader to get out on the trails and enjoy the diversity and majesty of the natural world firsthand. I’ve also weaved many personal anecdotes from my years hiking over 400 miles on the trail system and, of course, there are detailed descriptions of Eastern Connecticut’s major forests and parks, maps, and directions to the places you’ll want to visit. 

The retail version of the book will likely sell for $25 or more, but I will be offering Kindle versions on Amazon or a .PDF directly from this site for $4.99. All profits to help fund my nursing school endeavors.

I’m very proud of this book and hope you’ll consider getting a copy!


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