Free Photo of the Day 7/13/14

owl-1Hi friends!

River and I went camping this past week down in Voluntown, CT. The Voluntown/Griswold area is home to Connecticut’s largest state forest, Pachaug. We took a ride over to the forest proper on Thursday, and less than 100 feet into the woods I saw a beautiful barred owl (strix varia) take flight into a maple tree. It was unusual to see the nocturnal bird active in the middle of the day, but I grabbed my camera to get a few photos while I could!

The T3i did a decent job of capturing the owl at a significant distance. I had the kit lens zoomed to 250mm and shot at an ISO of 500 (f7.1; 1/400). The resulting image – which is cropped to about 40% of its original size – is not bad at all. I wish I could have stepped down to a larger aperture – but I’d need a better lens for that.

Enjoy this free image, and as always if you use my images please consider helping me climb out of poverty and take River and I to a safer and more secure future – donate to my nursing school campaign here.

Have a great day!

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