Free Photo of the Day 6/30/14

Nikon D40: 18mm; 1/250 sec;   f/8;   ISO 200
Nikon D40: 18mm; 1/250 sec; f/8; ISO 200

Hello friends! The free photo of the day for this, the final day of a lovely June, hails from the same month in 2012. The main subject is this beautiful marsh ecosystem, but the beaver or muskrat lodge at center right is a nice bonus. I camped out for awhile on a grassy inlet hoping to get a good shot of the lodge’s occupant but to no avail.  Riparian zones (the interface between land and a river or stream) are the preferred habitat for beavers so this is probably a muskrat lodge, though.

Thank you to the those who have recently donated to my nursing school campaign – it’s so edifying to have one’s work recognized as worthy of remuneration. Speaking of paid gigs, look for my work in The Willimantic Chronicle in the future – I’ve just been hired as one of their part-time photographers!

If you enjoy these free photos – which are great for books, church bulletins, videos, and other blogs – do consider making a contribution. Have a great day!

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