AP Life (And Your Free Photo of the Day)

Canon T3i: 194mm; 1/60 sec; f/5.6; ISO 400.

Hello readers! I apologize for the dearth of updates this week, but I’ve been busy finishing some film and TV projects I worked on last year. First and foremost among them is AP Life, a television show much like The Big Bang Theory but with a female lead cast. (Not all nerds are male, Hollywood!) In July and August of 2013 we filmed a pilot episode and 4 followup episodes in Connecticut, New Jersey, Boston, and New York City. Well, the whole losing my home and being poor thing derailed my work on the editing of the project but lately I’ve had the time to get it done, and that’s exactly what I’m doing. Given the production values that networks expect from even sitcom shows these days, AP Life won’t ever be broadcast as we shot it. So as much as I loved writing and directing the series, I’m still going forward with my nursing school plans. But I’d never say no to an interested executive who likes the concept of My So-Called Life meets The Big Bang Theory (meets Mean Girls? A little bit!) You can watch a preview video for the show below.

Your free photo of the day is another shot from theĀ Richard D. Haley Native Plant Wildlife Gardens in Hampton, Connecticut. I searched high and low for the identity of this flower and my best guess is that it’s a variety of spiderwort, most likely the Virginia or Ohio Spiderwort (Tradescantia virginiana).

Stay positive, friends!

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